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Things one Would Need to Save the Date Maker From

A good number of people value invitations to a wedding party. One would, however, need to save the date maker from possible embarrassment by making sure that he or she is decent all from the wedding ceremony as well as in the reception. In saving the date maker, there are some simple tips one has to make sure that he or she observes. Punctuality is key in ensuring that one saves the date maker from having his or her friends embarrass him or her. Confirming attendance also tends to save the date maker from incurring an extra cost of preparing meals, drinks as well as preserving space for someone who will never attend the ceremony. One would need to be seated for about thirty minutes to the actual ceremony. One would look misplaced where he or she would be trying to make his or her way while the bride is walking down the aisle.

Skipping the ceremony and only attending the reception is also not as cool. While it may appear to be cool as one has not interrupted the ceremony, some people may view him or her as the kind of people who only turn up to enjoy free food and drinks. One would need to save the date maker by ensuring that he or she attends both the ceremony and the reception. Support is all what the couple in question demands from its invited guests.

Having the phone ring at the middle of the wedding is an interruption that is uninvited by the date maker. Individuals have been decent enough to make sure that their phones do not ring during a movie and hence should save the date maker by ensuring that their phones are in silent mode. One should also need to keep off from being the unofficial wedding photographer. Watching a couple directly is cool when compared to watching the couple from the back of one’s phone.

It would also be wise for one to save the date maker from gifts not in his or her registry. It would be unfortunate where one makes a choice of a gift that may not be of interest to the couple in question. One should also need to save the date maker from uninvited guests. It is rather obvious that the additional party adds cost to the bride as well as the groom. Save the date maker by participating in the reception. One would need to make sure that he drinks, dance and have fun without going wild.