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Crucial Factors That Are Necessary To Help You Purchase The Best PEMF Device The world has now adopted the use of PEMF devices when doing therapy It is as a result of the advantages that it has brought to their lives. The device has been helpful in creating of stronger bones, boosting the users immune and regeneration of nerves. The users have also had dropped pains, slept very well and those with wounds heal faster. The use of this device has attracted a lot of individuals. to make the right purchase, it is important you look at the following issues. You should purchase the device that will be able to cover your whole body. It will be a disappointment to go for those cheap devices which cover some parts of your body. Full body mats from a reputable company will always be an advantage because it comes with a local applicator. You will not see the benefits if you don’t purchase the full body treatment device. Some of these machines that you can easily find include the beemer 3000, MRS 2000, QRS Quatron, Magno- pro among others. They are the best full body therapy devices. One factor to consider when purchasing the therapy device is its intensity. The perfect machine is the one that has the intensity of about o to 15 micro Testas. Research has shown that the best devices are the ones that have the lowest level of intensity. The thought that the more the intensity, the better the devices are wrong. clinical studies that were carried out showed that the best therapy machine is the one with a less magnetic field.
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The frequency a good machine should have is those frequencies that are close to nature. The frequency of a better device should be ranging from 0.5 to 15 Hz. The reason is that the Frequency of nature is about 15Hz. An average person has a brain that has frequency paten of between 0.5 to 15 Hz.
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The PEMF machine is an expensive machine. It is for this reason that you need to find the warranty that your dealer will give you. The perfect choice is going to the seller who will give you a warranty that will cover up to thirty-six months. Despite the price, the devices are susceptible, and a lot can happen during the first days that you are learning to use. When you are buying, look for that vendor who will offer better after sale services. This in an excellent way will ensure that you realize more benefits of using the therapy machine.